Admission Criteria of NPS, Banashankari

  • Admission to the school is open to all children, irrespective of caste, creed, race, religion, gender or country. Admission will be granted only on merit.
  • The pre-primary program Kindergarten at NPS, BSK, starts from 1.8 to 5.8 years.
  • Montessori starts from 2.8 to 5.8 years.
  • We offer both the Montessori and Kindergarten Methods of learning.

Montessori Method:

We follow pure Montessori method and are innovative in our teaching methodology. The classrooms are neatly crafted to meet the needs of children for specific age range.

Kindergarten Method:

Importance is given to children’s effective learning by using audio visual aids to create inquisitiveness within themselves.

Storytelling, recitation, show and tell etc. are a part of classroom training.

Age Criteria:

Play Home 1.8 yrs to 2.8 yrs
Pre-kg/Mont 1 2.8 yrs to 3.8 yrs
LKG/Mont 2 3.8 yrs to 4.8 yrs
UKG/Mont 3 4.8 yrs to 5.8 yrs
Grade 1 5.8 yrs to 6.8 yrs


  • Direct admissions are made for students of Play group, Pre-Kg, LKG and Mont 1, if students qualify the age criteria mentioned above.
  • From UKG and Mont 3 onwards, students are required to appear for an entrance test .Based on the performance of the child, admissions will be granted.
  • Parents are required to duly fill in the application form and submit all the relevant documents (Birth certificate, TC, previous school's report card if applicable and Aadhar card) along with 2 passport size photographs of the students.
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