Hindi Saptaha

On August 28th  2017, National Public School Banashankari started the celebration of  Hindi Saptah. The event started with a street play `Hindi ka Mahattv’, by the students of grades IX and X. It delivered a strong yet vital message for the children.

Next day, the students of grade III, presented a mind-blowing song which was highly inspiring.

The students of grades IV and V presented a dance performance. It was a scene portrayed from the great Epic Ramayana (Àshok Vatika).It was an elating performance.

The next day, September 1st was a feast for the children. It was `Maatraon ki ladai’,- ‘The war of consonants’. Children enjoyed it as it involved the importance of alphabets, consonants and vowels.

The whole week witnessed a stupendous performance by the crew of `Hindi children’ and their performances were informative and inspiring too.

The vote of thanks was rendered by a grade IX student.