International Yoga Day

June 21st ,2017 was the third International Day, on behalf of that the
National Public School,Banashankari celebrated Yoga day under  the
constant support  of our  Respected  Principal mam Grace C.D.The
programe was organised very well and about 70 children performed Yogic
practices like Surya namaskara,different types of Asanas,Pranayamas
and prayers under the guidence of Yoga teacher.One of most attractive
item was the permormance of yoga asanas by a group of teachers of the
school.We,the teachers  also shared our knowledge about History of
yoga,its importance and benifits of each of the yogic practices
performed, to the spectators,the whole school.The pragram was
conducted for 1 hour between 9.30 to 10.30,at the end of the program
there was a smile,a feeling of happy, satisfaction,a feeling of pride,
that we are also the part of our Indian Tradition “Yoga”.