Library Week

“Writing is the geometry of the soul” – Plato had etched it and we National Public School Banashankari claim, reading is the elixir of life. Reading is a yogic exercise for the mind, heart and soul that cleanses the unwanted accumulations and fills you with bliss!

NPS Banashankari celebrated library week from 20.11.17 – 25.11-17. This exciting week commenced with a speech delivered byYashwi B and Parul P of Grade 10 who insisted on the importance of reading.

Following this on the next day in the assembly, the best handpicked poems were recited by Grades 1 to 5 students. For students of grade 1 & 2 Mrs santhrupthi, ‘Storywala’ amused the children with her narration. In the poster making event Grades 5 to 11 exhibited their colourful charts.

On Wednesday, the best passages that were scripted by the Grades 9 and 10 who had used the ‘words of the week’, read out their content using the rapturous vocabulary in the assembly.

Thursday was Grade 4 read the story ‘Book review’ in the assembly. Children of grades 1 and 2 had storytelling competition and those tender brains challenged the senior narration’. It was stupendous!

Scholastic India organised a ‘Book Fair’ for 3 days where Primary and Secondary Grade students relished picking their flavours. Kindergarten kids enthusiastically shopped with their parents and grabbed the books and also Scholastic India conducted several activities like colouring, unscramble words, etc. for Grades 1 to 7.

Like icing on the cake, to finish off this wonderful week, we arranged the ONE NATION READING DAY which was not only for students and teachers but also for parents, where the parents were invited to the school to read and they enjoyed reading in the serene environment. The graffiti wall set up in the school were full of compliments which said “We Relived, Relived”, which exhibits the joy of reading the parents had.

The grand finale of the library week was a quiz-a-thon to challenge the minds where the young brains had the speed of GSAT that rocked the stage.