Sanskrit Saptaha

संस्कृतसप्ताह was celebrated with enthusiasm at NPS Banashankari from Tuesday, 16th August to Friday, 19th August. The संस्कृतसप्ताह started of with मनसा सततम् स्मरणीयम् Sanskrit song, sung by students of Grade VII followed by introduction speech on संस्कृतसप्ताह. During Sanskrit week pledge was administered in Sanskrit. Thought for the day was given in Sanskrit with English meaning.

The following competitions were conducted for Sanskrit students,


Grade Name of the competition
V Fancy dress completion (छद्मावेषस्पर्धा)
VI Bhagavadgeetha Chanting (भगवद्गीता कण्ठपाठस्पर्धा)
VII Subhashita Recitation (सुभाषितकण्ठपाठस्पर्धा)
VIII Story Writing (कथा लेखनस्पर्धा)
IX & X Essay Writing (प्रबन्धलेखनस्पर्धा)

Students were honoured with the prizes for the events.