Sports and Games

Sports is an integral part of our curriculum. A variety of outdoor and indoor sports will be offered at the School. Our grounds are equipped for cricket, hockey, football, basketball courts, volleyball courts, facilities for long jump, swimming etc. facilities for indoor games like chess, carom, table tennis, badminton etc. are also available for indoor games enthusiasts.


Health Check Up


Every student of the our School undergoes health check-up once in a year by the doctors of reputed hospitals. The checks include eye, dental, ENT, pediatric and general.Children are also examined by a pediatrician. Records of the medical history of each child is maintained in the school Almanac.

Community Lunch

Community Lunch is a yearly activity designed to encourage community through a shared cooking and eating experience.



Reading Programme


Quiz Club

Mathematics Society

Junior and Senior Choir [zoom]

Classical & Contemporary dance

Instrumental/Classical Music


Literary Society

Theater Workshop


Science Association

Table Tennis


Creative Writing



Yoga & Fitness

Languages Clinic for New Languages